"In all my years of dealing with attorneys, Beth is one of the best. She is passionate about her work and dedicated to making a difference. Beth understands law enforcement and provides tailored services that fit their needs." 

William J. Bratton, Police Commissioner, New York Police Department 


"Beth has so much to offer the world of Risk Management. She is committed to improving the workplace and minimizing risk. Beth's skill set allows her to quickly and accurately identify the areas of risk within any organization. Of equal or greater importance is her ability to identify immediate corrective actions that can minimize risk and prevent potential litigation." 

Sandy Jo MacArthur, retired Assitant Chief, Los Angeles Police Department 


“Ms. Corriea has a unique combination of precise and rigorous detail orientation coupled with a comprehensive engagement with all the litigation, risk-management, and organizational features implicated in her cases. Her diligence and attention to the details on whatever she's working on yield client-favorable litigation outcomes, effective policy recommendations that minimize future risks, and organizational results that are measurable and effective.”

Mark Perez, retired Deputy Chief of Police, Los Angeles Police Department 

"One of the most talented attorneys with whom I worked. Insightful. . .creative. . .hardworking."

Angel Manzano, Esq., retired Assistant City Attorney, City of Los Angeles


“I have known Beth for over 10 years. She is a ferocious litigator and a zealous advocate for her clients. I know, because I have litigated against her.”

Greg Smith, Attorney, Law Offices of Gregory W. Smith

“I've had the opportunity to work with Beth Corriea on several legal property matters. Her attention to detail was fantastic. In addition, her follow up on situations was extremely helpful. I will continue to use her services, and highly recommend her to anyone that is looking for her legal advice and services.”

Eric Nichols, First Vice President, Morgan Stanley Wealth Management


"Beth's passion and commitment to her clients is only exceeded by her skill and her extensive knowledge of employment law. Her experience, talent, and tenacity make her the consummate advocate."

Robert S. Brown, Attorney, Robert Stanford Brown, APC


“Beth’s work ethic, professionalism, and knowledge was key for us during a successful community outreach following a joint agency critical incident. I would absolutely recommend her services for your future risk management and/or legal needs because of her ability to assess, analyze and explain complex situations in a balanced and detailed manner.”

Mark A. Matsuda, Police Chief, Torrance Police Department


“I have known Beth for over 14 years and have had the pleasure of watching her develop from a law clerk to a seasoned trial attorney. Her research and writing skills are excellent, and no one can question her work ethic. I'm confident she will be successful in her new endeavor.”

Mark Kitabayashi, Attorney, Lozano Smith


“I have had the opportunity to work with Beth Corriea since she was a student-athlete at the University of the Pacific. Whether in the classroom or playing Softball for Pacific, Beth demonstrated energy to be the best. She carried that energy throughout law school, working as a Deputy City Attorney for the City of Los Angeles and most recently as the Risk Manager for the Los Angeles Police Department. She now wants to focus her energy on Think Legal360: a risk management consulting and civil litigation firm. Her focused dedication to the task at hand, providing quality service and her winning attitude makes it easy to recommend Beth to become part of your team.”

Richard Stark, MA, ATC, Training Coordinator, Cincinnati Reds

"Beth is a dedicated and tireless advocate for her clients, willing to defend their interests 24/7. Her legal research and courtroom skills have produced marvelous results, and made her the litigation choice for high profile clients having difficult cases. She knows how to navigate through clients' political issues, as well as games played by opposing counsel." Gregory Wedner, Attorney, Lozano Smith

“I have known Beth Corriea for several years, in her capacity as a Deputy City Attorney dealing with police litigation issues and as the Los Angeles Police Department's Risk Manager. As a City Attorney, she always provided exemplary advice, support and her dedication to providing the best defense for the Department was impressive. Her presence in the courtroom and preparation prior to trial give me the feeling that she cared for her clients and provided the best legal advice. As the LAPD Risk Manager she provided outstanding advice, support and direction when needed. Her advice was clear and concise enabling myself, as the manager, to make the right decision. Her thoughtful, professional and determined manner was always appreciated.”

John Incontro, retired Captain, Los Angeles Police Department


“Beth Corriea is a legal genius and a sound professional in every sense of the word. Ms. Corriea’s integrity is far above reproach. Beth’s strength is her hard work ethic and weakness is her dedication and commitment to her clients. A reliable legal counselor.”

Leonard Hernandez, Administrator, Pomona Unified School District

“I received legal counsel from Ms. Beth D. Corriea. The support and advice that I received from her was extremely helpful and allowed me to overcome the legal, professional obstacles I was facing at that point in my career. Her work ethic and desire to help resulted in the best outcome for me. Having Ms. Corriea on my side was not only helpful, but reassuring as I had the very best representation.”

Octavio J. Vallejo, MD, MPH


“Beth is a gifted employment law attorney who brought her considerable skills into the risk management profession. She proved to have deep insight into the roots of risks facing organizations and their solutions. Comparing 2013 to 2012, Beth oversaw substantial reductions in all risk categories, including: employment lawsuits, use of force claims and traffic collisions.”

Richard Webb, retired Commander, Los Angeles Police Department


“I have known Beth D. Corriea for five years, first as a Deputy City Attorney for the City of Los Angeles, and, most recently, as the Department Risk Manager for the Los Angeles Police Department. Ms. Corriea defended the City in employment related lawsuits claiming discrimination, retaliation, and harassment. Her attention to detail in conducting witness interviews, examining evidence and overall strategy in preparation of a defense case resulted in numerous positive results for the City, thus saving the City millions of dollars. These victories were a culmination of accurate knowledge of the law, the ability to present views logically in a courtroom and having the confidence to persuade judges and juries. Most recently, as the Department Risk Manager, she used her courtroom and litigation expertise to develop news strategies for improving the organization by identifying areas of liability and instituting measurable remedies that are proactive and responsive to the needs of the organization. She is an asset to any organization and has demonstrated her ability to prevail in the courtroom and in the managing of high-risk activities.”

Jorge Ramos, retired Detective, Los Angeles Police Department


"I've had the great pleasure of Beth representing my girlfriend and I, dealing with a bad landlord situation. She went out of her way to help make sure we were treated properly, and we knew we were in very good hands. Beth is extremely professional and followed thru on everything she told us she would. Both my girlfriend and myself will without question be calling Beth first for any future endeavors. "

Jeremy Noggles, Producer, Black Castle Productions

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