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You can feel confident with Legal360 LitigationTM as it is backed by:
  • Thirteen years of experience in providing training and advice in the development of policies and procedures of public and private employers in the area of human relations and organizational management.
  • Thirteen years of experience in analyzing, assessing, litigating and providing advice on major civil liability issues for the Los Angeles Police Department and City of Los Angeles, including: consent decree-related litigation; employment litigation, (discrimination, harassment, retaliation, employee discipline); civil rights violations (free speech, search and seizure, equal protection, due process), disability and workers’ compensation issues; traffic collisions; Fair Labor Standards Act violations; and advice in taking proactive measures to avoid and/or minimize civil liability.
  • Numerous civil jury trials and appellate experience in state and federal courts, including the California Supreme Court, which has developed insight into the thought process of judges and juries on issues of civil liability and public perception of litigants.
  • Experience as the primary representative in interacting with government commissions, committees, councils and offices.
  • Thirteen years of personal relationships and interactions with federal and states judges, attorneys, government representatives, commissions, committees, councils and offices.


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