There are three components to Legal360 Risk ManagementTM:


  • Legal analysis of available data to identify risks and root causes.  
  • Legal analysis to identify gaps in data mining.
  • Development of appropriate systems to track relevant risk data.


  • Collaborating on risk issues and solutions in a manner that looks across boundaries of divisions, departments and companies to see people as partners and change as opportunity.
  • Utilizing Legal CompStat to drive informed decision-making in a structured, and rigorous framework that is based upon information metrics to drive assessments and strategies.


  • Adjusting policies and procedures and systems to ensure they are up-to-date, relevant and consistent with the organization’s mission and expectations, and to determine what changes should be implemented in order to identify, monitor, manage, mitigate and/or resolve high-risk issues. 
  • Adjusting training as it pertains to the specific risk issues to ensure that the training properly covers the organization’s policies and procedures effectively, and is focused towards the organization’s expectations of the target audience.
  • Adjusting accountability measures to ensure knowledge and skills are taught and retained, and compliance with organization’s policies is being accomplished.


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